Aisha Cousins 2013

SAY IT LOUD! Performance Art Scores for the Young, Gifted, and Fabulous is a series of do-it-yourself projects designed by artist Aisha Cousins to meet the needs of black youth whose schools have little or no art funding. The scores reflect Cousins’ artist philosophy which emphasizes critical thinking and research skills. Each score teaches a little about art (especially performance art), introduces a contemporary or historical artist, and explores some aspect of black history or culture.

Although, the scores can be used by anyone, they are particularly useful for creative black youth who are looking for ways to develop into mature artists despite the lack of resources in their schools. The series uses the medium of performance art to provide a free or low cost intro to basic art principles such as color theory, composition, and line. More importantly, each score incorporates an artistic challenge that can be used to practice more sophisticated creative principles.

The scores were designed for youth ages 10-21 and can be done:

  • by youth on their own
  • by parents who are homeschooling or looking to supplement their children’s education
  • by educators in schools
  • by educators in community organizations

Each score is designed so that an educator can purchase enough supplies to do it with up to 30 students for under $20. (If you plan ahead, you may be able to get your neighbors to donate or loan supplies to you.)


This Educators’ Guide is funded in part by the Individual Artist Tier of the New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Program, administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council.